Brett Favre talks Josh Allen

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By Brandon J. Koch

I often compared Josh Allen’s big time thinking to Brett Favre.

While Allen has a lot more athleticism than Favre ever did, they both have big play, hero ball mentality.

Brett Favre spoke with Tim Graham of the Athletic and he talked about the Bills second year franchise quarterback.

“What I would tell him, from a physical standpoint is, ‘Hey, Josh. I get it. I see you diving and running over people. I was that guy, too. But listen, man. Take it from a guy who’s played a long time and learned maybe later than I should’ve, there’s a time and place when you try for extra yards. That wasn’t it. You’ve got to be smarter.’

“Now, he’ll say, ‘You’re right, Brett. I know.’ But it may take a few more hits before he goes, ‘You know, Brett really is right.’ ”

“I don’t think anyone would question his commitment or toughness,” Favre said. “It’s obvious when a player is or is not committed. Players and fans alike know this kid really, really wants to help this team and this city win. We get that.”

You can read the story from The Athletic here

‘What I would tell him …’: Brett Favre offers career advice to Josh Allen

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