Brady: Flight home from Buffalo sucked



By Brandon J. Koch

Since Sean McDermott took over as head coach of the Buffalo Bills, Tom Brady has struggled.

In the last five games, Brady has thrown for 3 touchdowns and 5 interceptions.

On Sunday, Brady went 18 of 39 pass attempts for 150 yards with zero touchdown passes and one interception. He averaged just 3.8 yards per pass attempt. The Pats offense had seven 3-and-outs with nine punts.

During his weekly Monday night segment on Westwood One radio with Jim Gray.

“The flight home sucked,” Brady told Gray. “The night of sleep sucked. You watch the film, and that sucks, and then you just lick your wounds, and you get up and you try to do better the next week.”

Brady wasn’t sacked on Sunday, but faced a lot of pressure and was hurried, leading to rushed throws.

“We’ve lost a lot of games playing poorly, and sometimes, when you don’t play well on offense but you play well defensively, you win,” Brady said. “We’re not just going to give that game away and say it should have been a loss. Look, our defense is playing great. Our offense has played pretty well over the course of the season. We just didn’t play well on the road in Buffalo, which a lot of teams have struggled there over the years.”

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