Zay Jones said he did a good job with the Bills

By Brandon J. Koch

Former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Zay Jones reflected on his time in Buffalo with the San Francisco Chronicle.

“I felt like I had a good amount of production in my second season,” Jones said. “Stepping into the third season, obviously I was hoping and planning for more. It wasn’t trending in that direction in the beginning. I was just trying to stay as patient as possible and really trust in that process of ‘it’ll eventually happen.’

“But I did my role, I felt like I did it really well. The targets and all that stuff, can’t really focus on that, can’t really control that. I did what I could. But now I’m here. So it’s exciting to be here, exciting to be in this locker room with these guys.”

A look at Jones career in Buffalo.

Receiving touchdowns: 9

Receiving yards: 1,033

Receiving average: 11.7

Receptions: 88

Games: 36

Quarterbacks he played with: Tyrod Taylor, Nathan Peterman, Josh Allen and Matt Barkley

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