Fitzpatrick on Buffalo: It’s an awesome place to play

By Brandon J. Koch

Ryan Fitzpatrick played in 56 games for the Buffalo Bills from 2009-2012, it’s safe to say he knows the game day environment.

“It’s an awesome place to play,” Fitzpatrick told the media today.

“Whether you’re there as a player with the support of the fans or as an opponent, a hostile environment.”

Fitzpatrick loved his time in Buffalo and remembers the people.

“That building, those people and the city of Buffalo, I have a lot of good memories.”

Fitz brought up the unique Gameday experience in Orchard Park.

“It’s fun to play a game in that great environment, this one is unique.”

“You have all these new stadiums that are enormous, it’s almost like the game is secondary, but in Buffalo it’s all about the game. After the tailgating of course,” he said with a smile.

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