Fitz: Buffalo will always be special to me


By Brandon J. Koch

Dolphins quarterback and former Bill Ryan Fitzpatrick felt right at home Sunday in New Era Field.

For most of the game, Fitzpatrick was on the money with his throws, even running for a touchdown.

During his post-game press conference, Fitz opened up about his time in Western New York and how special it is to his heart.

“It was so comfortable, and the noise was awesome and the fans were great,” Fitzpatrick said.

“I made a wrong turn twice out of the locker room to go out of the stadium instead of to the field because we always are supposed to take a right when you’re a Bill and a left when you’re an opponent,” Fitzpatrick said.

“Every time I’m here it’s a strange feeling walking into the stadium. There’s so many god memories.”

Fitz then said he was at his locker and texted former teammate and longtime Bills running back Fred Jackson and told him how much he appreciated playing with him and the memories they made together.

On coming back: “This place is so special to me as a player and as an opponent.”

You can just tell Buffalo has a huge place in his heart.

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