Josh Allen’s ceiling couldn’t be higher

By Brandon J. Koch

With three game remaining and two of them at home, you’re probably thinking, “well another waste of more December home games.”

Not so fast. I’ll give you a reason why I can’t wait for Sunday at New Era Field.

Josh Allen.

While he didn’t up his game last week, Allen has been showing signs of encouraging improvement. He’s been the best player on the field for the last three weeks.

Once he develops into more of a passer, the Bills will have a lethal weapon at the most important position in football.

Have we really seen a quarterback that tall and big, run around and make plays with his legs like Allen? Some say Cam Newton but I’d say he’s more of a power back. Thats Cam’s running style. Allen is simply faster and more explosive.

Once Allen shows he’s improving as a pocket passer, teams won’t have the luxury of putting a spy on him. Yes, he may bail out prematurely at times, but when Allen’s throwing on the run, it’s another real weapon at Daboll’s arsenal.

If Allen can continue to clean up his footwork, recognize defensives pre-snap and figure out his accuracy with a total revamped offense around him…..

The sky is the limit for him and the Bills.


Jets Anderson says Bills fans are coming at him after Hauschka hit was legal

By Brandon J. Koch

Jets defensive end Henry Anderson was on the Pat McAfee Show and he talked about the hit on Bills kicker Steven Hauschka.

Anderson said: “I got a lot of Bills fans coming at me saying that was a dirty play, I would like to plead my case to you, saying that was a totally legally and fair play.”

Anderson continued….

“If I blocked him in the back, he would have fallen forward and on his face from it. The way I hit him, I hit him on the side and extended my left arm out to make him fall backward and on his butt. The block in the back is not true because … he wasn’t falling forward at all.”

Anderson said that Hauschka was running towards the ball carrier:

“When the guy who picked up the fumble reversed field, he started angling toward the ball carrier and started positioning himself,” Anderson said. “He wasn’t in a dead sprint or anything, but he was working his way to cut him off and to try to make the tackle. I saw that and I know as a defensive player, the defensive coaches always tell you that the kickers are kind of under the same umbrella as quarterbacks. If they are trying to stay out of the play, you’re not supposed to tough them because they are protected by the rules. If they start making their way and positioning themselves to make a play on the ball, they are fair game and you can hit them.

Here’s the audio:

Will LeSean McCoy be on the Bills in 2019?

After age 30 and having the worst season in his career, will LeSean McCoy be on this team in 2019?

Brandon Beane gave a vote of confidence in October, but this is the NFL. Everything changes.

Vote here

Fall asleep at a Bills game? Lose your beer

How can you let a beer go to waste? Especially at a Bills game.

First off, I don’t know how this fan is asleep. Yeah, I get it, the Bills and Jets aren’t the most exciting.

In the end, if you snooze, you loose. This savage Bills fan capitalized on the snoozed member of the Mafia.

She doesn’t let one alcohol drop go to waste. Yes, chugged it right down.

Salty Jets

By Brandon J. Koch

In a article from Connor Hughes of the Athletic, the Jets are still salty about the embarrassing 41-10 loss the Bills gave them back in November.

New York linebacker Jordan Jenkins said it all: “They came in our house, they punched us in the face, they pissed on our lawn and then they just walked off,” Jenkins said. “They kicked our asses and just left.

Jenkins talked about the matchup in Orchard Park: “You can’t let the same man punch in you in the mouth twice like that. I don’t plan on backing down.”

Cornerback Trumaine Johnson said: “They killed us. It’s payback time. We’re going out there to win this game by any means necessary.”

You have to love the misery of the Jets. They’re just that team that’s always bad, even worse than the Bills.

Kelvin Benjamin on his season with Buffalo

By Brandon J. Koch

In his first Q&A with Kansas City media, former Bills wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin talked about his season in Buffalo.

He was at a loss for words…

Benjamin said Friday, via video from Brooke Pryor of the Kansas City Star. I mean, I mean, I just. . . .there’s a lot of variables I guess. It’s just one of those seasons. It’s a rebuild-type year I guess.”

In the end, Benjamin had no hard feelings for Buffalo, as of now.

“It is a business,” Benjamin said. “I’m glad to be here. We already know that the Kansas City Chiefs have been tearing it up this year. They were one of the teams that really wanted me, and I’m happy and glad to be here.”

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