Williams’ kids chase Tyreek Hill

By Brandon J. Koch

There’s always room for ProBowl fun and that’s what certainly happened today.

Kyle Williams’ kids tried to chase down Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill.

“I told them I’ll run their dad over so they chased me,” Hill said on Twitter.


By the numbers: Sabres secondary scoring

By Rob Zima

Secondary scoring:

What is it? One of the frustrating characteristics of different statistical measures is the general ambiguity associated with them. When someone says, “we need more secondary scoring,” what exactly are they saying?

From my perspective (and this may differ among others), secondary scoring means non-first line players. How do you know which players are first line players? How I determine this is purely ES (Even Strength) TOI%. Here’s how the calculation works… (Time on Ice) / (The Teams Total Time on Ice). So, here’s how the top 6 forwards on the Sabres are represented in terms of ES TOI%:

Jack Eichel : 30.01%

Jeff Skinner : 29.69%

Sam Reinhart : 29.42%

Vladimir Sobotka (WOW) : 24.99%

Conor Sheary : 24.95%

Evan Rodrigues : 24.19%

I think, realistically speaking, primary scoring is first line production. Secondary scoring is everything behind the first line. So, statistically speaking, here’s what we have in terms of even strength production:

Jack Eichel – Jeff Skinner – Sam Reinhart : 37 goals, 52 assists, 89 points

Everyone Else : 41 goals, 58 assists, 99 points

First Line Point Percentage = 89/(99+89) = 47.34% of all points on the team.

Now, NEWSFLASH! I was under the assumption that more secondary scoring is inherently better. This is not necessarily true, in fact. I’ve attached an image of data I have compiled regarding the above assumptions for EVERY TEAM in the NHL.

Needless to say, I won’t get into the detailed breakdown of the regression, but let’s just say there’s little, if any correlation between an increase of secondary scoring and the overall teams place in the standings. For example, NJ is perfectly balanced between their 1st line production and every other line, but they’re 30th in the standings. Winnipeg is right behind them in terms of secondary scoring, and they’re 3rd in the standings.

Why do I bring this up? Buffalo media has been hounding the Sabres for their lack of secondary scoring. I myself have made statements in the past about it, but from the analysis, it appears there’s no significant correlation between a high rate of secondary scoring and success of a team in the standings. Ultimately, there are better indicators for success of a team.

LeSean McCoy says not to take Tom Brady for granted

By Brandon J. Koch

In his appearance on ESPN’s First Tame, Bills running back LeSean McCoy talked about Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady.

What he said may get Bills fans fired up, but does he have a point?

Shady knows the dominance of Brady and the Pats gets tiresome, but his body of work shouldn’t be overlooked:

“The thing about Tom Brady is this: we hate to see him in the Super Bowl year after year, but when he’s gone, that greatness we’re going to miss because we’ve given him so much hate.”

McCoy continued: “It’s the same thing with LeBron (James). You’ve got to appreciate the greatness because he’s 40 years old and still playing at a high level.”

There are many reasons why Buffalo Bills fans dislike Tom Brady, I’m not sure many would agree with Shady’s reasoning.

Colin Cowherd says the Bills are suckers

By Brandon J. Koch

When talking about the Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks on his show, Colin Cowherd says they should trade Nick Foles because there will always be a sucker to overpay for him.

He then talks about how the Patriots for years have been taking advantage of the suckers in trades like Cleveland and Buffalo.

Paging Mr.Cowherd, did you and your research team look anything up?

The last Bills-Patriots trade was in 2002, we’re now in the year 2019. Once again Cowherd just pays attention and watches the tops teams and then thinks he knows everything about the NFL.

Here’s the segment: Skip to 4:30 when he talks about the Bills being suckers.

Kyle Williams was asked if he changed his mind about retiring

By Brandon J. Koch

At the ProBowl, Kyle Williams was asked by Michael DiRocco of ESPN if he had any thought about continuing his career.

Williams as always, makes a decision and sticks with it:

“No. I make a decision, I’ve got to go with it, especially the way things went down, the way organization treated me, the way the fans showed up to support me.”

He continued: “You couldn’t dream about coming back and trying to replicate that. That was such a great day. It’s something I’ll remember forever.”

Kyle will be playing in his 6th career ProBowl this Sunday.

Kyle Williams to participate in the Skills Showdown on Thursday

By Brandon J. Koch

Kyle Williams will be participating in the Skills Showdown at the Pro Bowl on Thursday, with Jim Kelly as his coach.

Here are the competition games, as described by the NFL:

“40 Yard Splash presented by McDonalds: A new challenge that puts teamwork to the test as players participate in a football-inspired take on a fire bucket brigade. Players race to fill up a dunk tank and attempt to hit the target with a football, dropping an opposing team member into the tank.

Gridiron Gauntlet presented by Castrol EDGE: Five players from each team will participate in a head-to-head relay race designed to showcase strength, speed, and agility. Competitions include a fumble scramble through an inflatable path, among others.

Best Hands presented by Madden NFL Overdrive: Two WR-QB duos from each conference will compete in a timed relay race to catch a series of passes at a sequence of downfield targets as quickly as possible. Designated targets require a specific style of catch — diving, one-handed, over the shoulder, etc. — which must be executed before the receiver can move on to the next target.

Precision Passing presented by Madden NFL Overdrive: Each conference’s two quarterbacks and one captain-appointed non-quarterback will battle it out in a one-minute accuracy competition, as they attempt to hit as many targets as possible.

Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball presented by Skittles: In the grand finale, Pro Bowlers will compete in a classic game of dodgeball, with every member of each team participating. In a best of three series, the team with the last person on the court wins.”

It will be quite the scene for Bills fans seeing two of their favorites at the ProBowl.

Bills could look in their own backyard for a wide receiver

By Brandon J. Koch

Here’s an opinion that I’m pretty confident in: The Buffalo Bills aren’t drafting a wide reciver in the 1st round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

After watching Zay Jones, Robert Foster and Isaiah McKenzie improve and develop during the 2018 season, how can anyone see Beane selecting a wideout as the team’s first round selection?

We’ve seen a lot of mid to late round wide receivers making a difference for offenses all around the league.

The Bills can look right in their own backyard for a mid-round receiver in Anthony Johnson out of UB.

At 6-foot-2, 211 pounds, Johnson can bring almost everything to the Bills offense.


Solid hands- doesn’t drop the football

Adjusts and locates the football

Yards after catch- hard for defenders to bring down

Short and intermediate route running





Vertical route running



Johnson should be one of those receivers the Bills are looking at in the 2nd-3rd round. His sure hands and the ability to play inside and outside has to intrigue Beane, his staff and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. Once polished and developed, he will be a solid NFL player.

Report: Bills expected to promote Chad Hall to WRs coach

By Brandon J. Koch

It looks like the Bills are promoting within to replace Terry Robiskie at wide receivers coach.

Alex Marvez of SirusXM NFL radio is reporting that the Bills are expected to promote Chad Hall from offensive assistant to wide receivers coach.

Hall was hired in 2017 as an offensive assistant. He played wide receiver in the NFL from 2010-13;

Philadelphia Eagles (2010-12)

San Francisco 49ers (2012-13)

Kansas City Chiefs (2013)

Jim Kelly gives his thanks

By Brandon J. Koch

A day after he gets a clean MRI, Buffalo Bills HOF quarterback Jim Kelly posted a reflection post on Instagram, thanking everyone for their prayers.

“WOW! What a throwback. Wish I still had that hair and could suit up for the Bills.

I never imagined while playing the game I love that life would throw so much my way.

From the loss of my only son Hunter, to all that’s been going on with my health.

I would not have chosen this but GOD HAS PLANS.

I don’t always get it and neither will you. But we can choose to NEVER GIVE UP. And to make the most of everyday.

I don’t know what you are going through but I know that YOU CAN make a DIFFERENCE.

Thanks for praying!”

MRI results come back clean for Jim Kelly

By Brandon J. Koch

Some great news for the Kelly family and BillsMafia everywhere.

On Instagram, the wife of Jim Kelly says the former Bills quarterback’s recent MRI has come back clean after his cancer surgery.

“We finally got back the results from Jim’s recent MRI…CLEAN! Thank GOD!”

Andre Reed commented: “Best news of the day. 12+83 always=6