Report: Every team has called Jacksonville on Ramsey

By Brandon J. Koch

While the Bills aren’t apart of the seriously interested teams, they did make a call on cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

Josina Anderson of ESPN is reporting that almost every team has atleast placed a call on the cornerback.

Same with Ian Rapoport:

From what I know how Brandon Beane works, he did his diligence by calling Jacksonville and when the price started at two first round picks, that probably swayed him away.

Beane loves all the draft picks he can get.


Josh Allen: I don’t want to be anywhere else

Bills Giants Football

(AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

By Brandon J. Koch

Go all the way back to the draft process in 2018, the Bills were in the search of finding their franchise quarterback.

Out of all the top quarterbacks in the 2018 draft class, none of them talked about Buffalo like Josh Allen.

On Wednesday, Allen reflected on being here.

“I tell you what, I love where I’m at. I love being in this community, in this city. I can honestly say I don’t want to be anywhere else,” Allen said.

On the home opener and being the franchise quarterback in Western New York:

“Well we understand the intentions, the hopes, the energy of the stadium is going to be really high on Sunday. We have to be able to kind of weather that and understand and play within ourselves.  Coach told us today it’s not where we play, it’s how we play. We’re going to take that to heart.  We’re going to game plan like I said, our coach is going to do a good job game-planning. We’re going to do a good job preparing for the game, we’re going to do a good job practicing and hopefully on Sunday we’re going to go out and execute how we’re supposed to. That’s all we’re kind of looking forward to, just being able to execute how we know we can and not really let anything outside of us affect us,” Allen said.

Allen has 507 passing yards and four total touchdowns through the first two weeks of the season.

Micah Hyde challenges BillsMafia

By Brandon J. Koch

This should fire up Bills fans.

Safety Micah Hyde has a challenge for Sunday’s home opener.

Be even more crazy.

“I would like to challenge Bills Mafia to be even more crazy,” Hyde said on Wednesday.

“They’re a weapon for us.”

This is Hyde’s third season in Buffalo and knows how valuable BillsMafia is.

“Last couple years being here- home games have been wild, Whether if it’s snow on the ground, sunshine. Third down is a huge weapon for us as a defense.”

“So I’m challenging them to go out there and just get as wild as possible.”

Via Heather Prusak:

A year later, Vontae explains

By Brandon J. Koch

It’s been over a year since former Bills cornerback Vontae Davis quit at halftime.

In a great piece by Brendan Meyer of ESPN, Davis talked about everything from that day, and what has happened since.

You can read it Here

Here are some things related to the Bills.

His decision to sign with the Bills:

He was looking for a prove-it deal, just one year, so he could reestablish himself as an elite corner, then cash in the next season. He says he decided on the Bills because that’s the team that offered him the most money on a one-year deal — $5 million.

His wife Megan about Buffalo:

“I absolutely wanted to stay away from Buffalo,” Megan says. “The organization just didn’t have a great reputation. When you’re in the league, you hear things, and records show things.”

His brother Vernon Davis:

“I didn’t know why he chose Buffalo until I talked to him,” Vernon adds. “He chose them basically because of the good group of DBs that they had.”

One handed Williams: Duke does it again

By Brandon J. Koch

Buffalo Bills practice squad wide receiver Duke Williams is at it again.

The fan favorite made once again a one handed catch during practice this afternoon.

Over Tre’Davious White.

From Josh Reed Of Channel 4:

Williams had 8 catches for 71 yards and two touchdowns during the Preseason.

Sean McDermott on game day atmosphere at home: It’s special

By Brandon J. Koch

Bills head coach Sean McDermott loves home games at New Era Field.

It’s a unique, special experience for anyone that visits for a game and something that no other NFL stadium has.

McDermott: “Driving in from where I live to the stadium, the smell in the air, it’s unique to the NFL.

On fans tailgating: “Watching the tailgates, it’s unique to the NFL. I love the signs out on Big Tree and Abbott Roads….it’s special”

“Very few places-do people park in other backyards, that’s pretty unique to the NFL.”

Update: Singletary will not practice today

By Brandon J Koch

Buffalo Bills running back Devin Singletary will not practice today, head coach Sean McDermott said.

Kyle Trimble Of Banged up Bills said this:

“Not looking great for Singletary but this means that it’s more of a hamstring strain than cramping. I don’t expect him to play Sunday.”

McDermott said the Bills don’t feel the need to add a running back at this point.

Will Winnipeg call Buffalo about Ristolanien?

By Brandon J. Koch

The Winnipeg Jets could be looking for a defensemen.

Bob McKenzie Of TSN is reporting that Jets Dustin Byfuglien is believed to be using his personal time away from the team to ponder his future in hockey.

Insider Pierre LeBrun has this tidbit:

“Faulk and Ristolainen are top 4 RHD that are available for trade and i wonder if the Jets don’t inquire at some point depending on what happens with Byfuglien. I believe Winnipeg is on Faulk’s approved list of teams as part of his modified NTC. So waiving not required.”

Ristolanien is the only Sabre that didn’t play in ethier of the first two preseason games.

Take that as you will, he has practiced.

Something to watch out for as the season starts in 15 days.

Cody Ford: I got my QB’s back

NFL: Preseason-Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills

By Brandon J. Koch

Buffalo Bills rookie offensive linemen Cody Ford is not afraid to stick up for his quarterback.

Late in the second quarter, Giants linebacker Lorenzo Carter brought down Bills quarterback Josh Allen to the ground after Allen threw the ball.

Something that Ford didn’t like.

He went after Carter and it resulted in a 15 yard unnecessary roughness penalty.

Cody Ford’s message after the game? He has his QB’s back.

Ford told WGRZ’s J.T. Messinger: “I just had to let him know that I got my QB’s back, and if anything else goes down, I’m here.”

Josh Allen talked about Ford’s response after the game- nothing but appreciation.

“He’s the man, I appreciate what he did for me there. To have guys stick up for you, Coach can say that was a bad penalty and it kind of put us back but as a quarterback I love when linemen kind of stick up for you I will take care of him.”

Frank Gore praises Josh Allen

By Brandon J. Koch

Buffalo Bills running back Frank Gore doesn’t care about what the outside world thinks of Josh Allen.

The future Hall Of Famer talked about the second year quarterback after the game.

“He’s very competitive and very tough. We have the right quarterback for this team. I don’t care what the outside world says, I know we believe in him. I feel he can do anything on the field, and it showed today.”

Considering the two have only worked with each other since April, that’s all you need to know about what the locker room thinks about their franchise quarterback.

Tweet Via Alex Brasky