Sabres are a contender for John Tavares?

By Brandon J. Koch

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how there would be no way John Tavares would come to Buffalo.

But after listening to Gorde Miller on TSN 690 in Montreal earlier, it gets intriguing.

Miller said since winning the draft lottery, the Buffalo Sabres have become a contender to get John Tavares.

He points out that Buffalo is a great hockey market, it’s close to home, and owners who are willing to spend.

Miller: “I think (drafting first-overall) makes Buffalo a legitimate contender to get John Tavares,” Miller said. “Tavares wants to win and he wants to play in a good hockey market. Well, Buffalo’s a good hockey market. And now you’ve got Rasmus Dahlin coming. They’ve already got (Rasmus) Ristolainen. They’ve got (Jack) Eichel. They’ve got an owner willing to spend money. It’s close to home, but it’s not in Toronto with all the scrutiny. His uncle John played lacrosse in Buffalo for years, he’s a legend there. All of a sudden, with Buffalo winning the draft lottery, they look like a team that players would want to play for.”

The Sabres will have about $19 million in cap space this offseason. Of course, Ryan O’Reilly would have to be moved and that’s another storyline to talk about this summer.

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