Value investments are key for Botterill, Sabres

By Brandon J. Koch

Happy July 1st, everyone.

Free agency begins at noon and there are already rumblings concerning the Buffalo Sabres.

Reports say the team will sign Carter Hutton to a 3-year contract, $2.75 average per season.

That’s what cap expert Jason Botterill is looking for.

Value investments.

Many thought it would be about $4 million per season for Hutton. Instead, Buffalo has a veteran goaltender for a significantly cheaper price.

Botterill knows July 1st is stupid season, teams dish out their money to then regret it just a couple years later. The second year GM knows to play it smart.

He has said countless times that free agency is not how you build a team. You build through the draft, making trades and signing college and European free agents.

Unless those free agents are value signings, which Hutton certainly is, you’re just making a bad investment. There were rumblings that the Sabres were one of the teams in on JVR, who seems to be signing with Philly for $35 million over 5 years.

No thank you.

Botterill knows when to stop during negotiations, he knows when enough is enough.

This week’s trade with Pittsburgh is Botterill taking advantage of a team in salary cap trouble. Connor Sheary comes in at a $3 million cap hit with still two seasons left for only a 4th round pick.

That’s value.

Look for that today in anything the Sabres do.

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